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Customer Contacts

What Are 'Customer Contacts'?

Non-compete agreements are enforceable only to protect against unfair competitive use of either trade secrets or customer contacts.

Customer contacts are defined as the influence an employee acquires over his or her employer's customers through personal contact. Customer contacts are a protectable commodity because goodwill develops between the customers and the employer through its employees whose job it is to meet and converse with the customer while representing the employer.

Why Are Customer Contacts Important To Employers?

The rationale for protecting such 'customer contacts' is that in the sales industry, a customer's goodwill toward a company is often attached to the employer's individual sales representative, and the employer's product or service becomes associated in the customer's mind with that representative.

The sales employee is thus places in a position to exert a special influence over the customer and entice that customer's business away from the employer.

The Restrictions Must Be Reasonably Tailored To Protect An Employer's Goodwill

The purpose of restricting a former employee is to keep them out of situations in which they might be able to make use of contacts with customers to the former employer's detriment. The court will only enforce non compete agreements if they are lawful and there is real opportunity for the former employee to influence the former employer's customers.

An Employer Must Show The Employee Had The Ability To Influence Customers

An employer must show that the employee had contacts of the kind enabling him to influence customers. In other words, the actual opportunity for influencing customers must exist.

Does Your Employer or Former Employer Actually Have A Right To Restrict Your Employment Decisions?

Our Law Office handles many cases in which the outcome hinges on whether the former employer actually has a protectable interest in customer contacts and other trade secrets.

Please contact us to draft your contract or agreement to protect your employment interests, or schedule a consultation to discuss your options in going forward with litigation to prevent enforcement of non-compete agreements.

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