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Life After Non-Compete Clauses

Life After Non-Compete Clauses

I Signed A Non-Compete Agreement, Now What?

You have signed a non-compete clause. Maybe it was contained in your initial employment contract, perhaps it was placed in front of you after you began working for your employer. You may still work for the same employer or you may have since left the employment relationship. You might be an hourly worker, salaried worker, or another type of employee.

No matter what your situation is, you have a significant question on your mind: What will my career look like after signing the non-compete agreement?

You Still Work For The Employer Who Made You Sign A Non-Compete Agreement

Do you still work for the employer with which you entered a non-compete agreement? You might be concerned about the impact of the agreement you signed, but while you are still working for the employer a non-compete clause likely does not have any impact on your life. Non-compete clauses are generally intended to protect an employer’s interests after an employee leaves, whether the employee is fired or resigns.

However, while the non-compete agreement might not directly impact your employment situation now, it will influence your decision regarding whether to stay with your current employer or whether to seek a new or better employment opportunity. If you believe your employer might enforce the agreement after you terminate the relationship, you might be thinking about whether you will be able to obtain a new or better job at all. Even though the agreement might be unenforceable, it could prevent you from making a beneficial employment change if you believe that your former employer might send your new employer threatening letters or even litigate the contract.

Contact our offices for advice and counsel about the enforceability of your non-compete agreement today. If you are planning a career move, or you simply would like to know what your options will be after you terminate with your current employer,  you want to have a clear idea about what your current employer might do to restrict your future activity.

You Have Quit Or You Have Been Fired By Your Former Employer

Have you left your former employer, whether you quit or you were terminated? You may have left recently or as long as several years ago. You are looking for new employment or you are already working for a new employer. You might have even started your own small business. No matter your particular circumstance, you are likely wondering whether your former employer may enforce the non-compete agreement and what effect it would have on your life.

Your former employer has probably contacted their attorney on retainer or they may have hired counsel for the particular issue. The first step they will take is to write a legal letter informing you that they are willing to take the case to court if you don't obey their demand to cease violating terms of your contract. If the employer is serious about pursuing the case and going through with litigation they will then file a petition in state court seeking to prevent you from engaging in certain activities and also seeking to obtain money damages. Ultimately, if you do not prevail with a valid defense, the court may grant an injunction and force you to pay damages.

If you have received a legal letter, or you are concerned about what your employer might do regarding a non-compete clause, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced employment law attorney. The earlier you obtain counsel the better your chance of shaping how the case proceeds and the more likely you will obtain a favorable outcome. No attorney can make a guarantee that he or she will obtain a successful outcome, but we at the Law Offices of Evan M. Porter believe that it is better to consult with a lawyer before the case proceeds to the initial litigation stages.

Contact Our Law Office No Matter How Far Along Your Case Has Progressed

We provide a wealth of consulting and employment advice services in addition to comprehensive litigation and representation. If you are still employed or you have already left your former employer, we at the Jason M. Finkes Law Firm can assist you in determining what type of legal service is best in your case.

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